Thank you to everyone who participated in our June workshop! The next Workshop for Social Impact Management is in January 2018. For more information please contact us

El Taller para la Gestión de Impacto Social (TGIS) is a 40-hour, certified course on project design, management, impact measurement, and international cooperation.

You are the agents and owners of social change in your communities. TGIS will help you further your impact and professionalism throughout an 5-day intensive training on social impact.

Mon – Weds:

Situational analysis

Problem tree creation and application

Participatory action investigation

Stakeholder analysis

Theory of change

Logical matrix framework

TGIS was truly insightful! Seeing how a social organization can me

asure and demonstrate its impact systematically and thoughtfully…

- Erin Wright, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Wed – Fri:

Social return on investment (SROI)

Impact measurement

Strategic network analysis

Fundraising and organizational sustainable

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