Through the E2E model, Emerging Partners solve tough problems; Strategic Partners gain critical change-making skills and Established Partners benefit from investing in social and environmental good in a new, mutually beneficial design promoting maximum impact and sustainable development.

We make corporate giving impactful and meaningful. See how we can help you reinforce your corporate giving program by giving through E2E.

Established Partners

You are looking for a better way to invest in more meaningful change, make a difference,  and get the highest social return for your money invested. We know just what you need.

Emerging Partners

Find out how E2E can effectively and efficiently help you meet needs and make meaningful changes.


Non-Profit Organizations:
Strategic Allies

You are looking to improve your services, projects, make a more meaningful impact and build the skills of your team. You may also be looking to connect with local organizations in Colombia.

Established Partners:

Global Express Business Center and First American Realty International

supports E2E with strategic fundraising initiatives.

Strategic Alliances:

Global Giving:

Global Giving provides E2E with a 501c3 sponsorship and an international fundraising platform.

Vetted Global Giving organization:

E2E is a vetted Global Giving organization due to our top impact and financial performance.

Pelagic Data Systems:

Pelagic Data Systems is a company based in San Francisco, California that provides data solutions for fisheries around the world.


Kimpacto works with E2E to help our Established Partners achieve B-Corp Certification.


UN Global Compact:

E2E is a member and supports the Mission and Vision of the United National Global Compact.

The Global Goals:

E2E is a member of the Sustainable Development Goals Platform.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia:

E2E frequently works with UNAL to provide technical training to students, has supported conferences and provided technical expertise for research projects.

Corporacion CampoSanto:

La Corporación Campo Santo is E2E´s operating partners for the project “Recuperando Vida”.

Middlebury Institute of International Studies:

E2E provides MIIS students with special volunteer opportunities, hosts and trains students during 3 week intensive academic courses.

Mercado Militar:

It is a digital platform at the forefront, with more than 1 year of experience in the military market, being the main exponent of news for individuals, companies, associations and government entities focused on the defense and security sectors of Latin America and the world.