What does E2E do?

E2E is a lean, innovative non-profit based in Medellín, Colombia. E2E’s mission is to generate positive impacts by bridging the gaps between the corporate and developing worlds.
By partnering across sectors we provide access to resources, knowledge and measurable outcomes that bring together a range of stakeholders to maximize mutually beneficial relationships between business and society.

Why does E2E exist?

Traditional funding models are inefficient

The problems of communities often go unaddressed because in order to receive funding, project or program objectives are often changed to align with donor requirements—not real needs. Under these circumstances, making meaningful impact is difficult.

E2E starts from
the bottom up

E2E starts with the problem, not the funder, their requirements, or the “solution”. We work with the community—the local experts– to analyze their issues in a quantitative, measurable way.

This means that you can invest directly in the sustainable solutions

This ensures that we are tackling the real issue at hand and allocating funds efficiently – making the most impact for every dollar spent

Additionally, E2E offers training workshops to professionals, students and community leaders on the design and management of community development projects

Who do we work with?

E2E works with three main partner segments: Our Emerging Partners, who are developing communities or projects; our Established Partners, who are businesses, government entities, other foundations or even individuals; and our Strategic Allies Network, who are social development organizations at the community, local, national, and international level with whom we collaborate to carry out projects alongside Emerging Partners. We support and strengthen each of our partner segments through a variety of activities and bring them together– ultimately maximizing resources, collaboration and relationships for the highest impact.

The E2E Innovation

The E2E model creates mutually beneficial relationships that provide our Emerging Partners with the support and financing that they need to make positive changes in their communities. At the same time, we provide a transparent, honest way for our Established Partners from the private sector to invest in social good.

First, we work with our Emerging Partner to identify needs and design a project that helps create a strong, sustainable community. Alongside them, we help the analyze the social impact of their project. Next, we work with our Established Partners to finance the Emerging Partner’s project. Then, we help our Emerging Partner implement their project. Lastly, continue working with our Emerging Partners and Established Partners throughout the life of a project to ensure project sustainability and the maximization of social return on investment.