E2E´s three strategic lines of work: Education, Peacebuilding and Environment

Our projects are multifaceted, encompassing environmental, economic, and peacebuilding efforts. They are also inclusive, not only focusing on the population directly affected by the problem, but take into account a broad range of stakeholders through excellent project management, design, implementation and impact measurement techniques.




How can we have a better social impact in our social projects?

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a methodology that measures and quantifies the social value of an investment. This methodology uses social, environmental and economic indicators to give a cost-benefit analysis of a project or program

Many social and environmental impacts can be difficult to incorporate when looking at the benefits of a project; however, if these impacts are ignored it can mean that the real problems of communities aren´t being addressed

SROI take into account all the impacts of your investments to help reduce economic inequality, environmental degradation and address exactly the issues that communities need addressed

By using SROI methodologies E2E  helps investors, organizations and government entities to assess, communicate and strengthen the impact of their project or program results

Shape new future leaders to create more projects

E2E also runs workshops for professionals, students and community leaders on the design and social impact management of community development projects

The workshop for Social Impact Management (TGIS) is a 40-hour, certified course on project design, management, impact measurement, and international cooperation.
We propose other contracted workshops including: Organizational Performance and Impact Measurement, Social Return on Investment, Project Design and Management

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