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Our mission is to serve the global community of social change agents by evidencing their impact through rigorous, trustworthy and meaningful social impact analysis.

Our vision is to lead the social impact movement by providing measurable and actionable impact analyses for project managers, NGOs, Social Impact Investors and Public Sector Partners.

As a Business, Entrepreneur, Impact Investor, NGO or Government Entity, you represent the community of global social change agents. Measurement Matters exists to help you evidence, communicate and manage your impact through rigorous analyses and the most cutting-edge social impact measurement techniques.

Measurement Matters (MM) is E2E’s Corporate Line, providing the following services to Social Investors, Government and NGOs:

External project evaluation and monitoring,
Workshops and trainings on impact measurement
and project methodology

Turn your outcomes into impact
with Measurement Matters.

These workshops include previously enumerated methodologies such as: Needs Analysis, Problem Trees, Results Framework, Stakeholder Analysis, Impact Map and SROI analysis. Trainings are held at the hiring organization’s convenience and tailored to their needs.

Social Return on Investment

Learn how to perform SROI, create financial proxies, maximize project impacts and apply this information to current and future projects

Project Design and Management

Learn to conduct a thorough assessment of community needs, and ensure that proposed solutions address critical concerns

Organizational Performance and Impact Measurement

Learn prognostic Impact Measurement, how to measure the performance of ongoing activities and organize your team efficiently

Measurement Matters is a private consulting group comprised of a diverse group of experienced experts. The Measurement Matters team provides continuous support to E2E and other national and international partners with expert SROI studies, Social and Environmental Impact Measurements and Corporate Social and Environmental Analytical services.

Measurement Matters clients

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