If your business is looking for a better way to invest in more meaningful change, make a difference, and get the highest social return for your money invested, we know just what you need.


Why should you invest in E2E?

By investing insocial development, your business receives marketing and public relations benefits.



By investing in one of E2E’s social development projects, you know with confidence that your money is used efficiently.



Sustainable Impact

We work closely with our investors (Established Partners) to finance our social development projects. We collaborate with communities (Emerging Partners) in the design, implementation, and measurement of outcomes to ensure the most for your dollar spent.

We carefully design projects alongside communities (Emerging Partners) using our trusted process of project design and implementation. We analyze social return on investment (SROI) and perform consistent follow-up data collection throughout the life of a project.

We communicate effectively with our investors (Established Partners) throughout the life of a project to prove the great impact and sustainability of their investments and demonstrate the efficient use of your money invested.

Where does your investment go?

Community-based approach, quantifiable outcomes, efficient investment

E2E works closely with communities—the local experts– to analyze and address their issues in a quantitative, measurable way.  This ensures that we are tackling the real problem at hand and allocating funds efficiently–making the most impact for every dollar spent.

Mutual benefit, transparency, positive change

The E2E model creates mutually beneficial relationships by providing our Emerging Partners with the support and financing that they need to make positive changes in their communities and provides a transparent, honest way for the private sector to invest in social good.

Check out some of our projects that you can invest in

Manglar de mi Corazón

Huertas Urbanas

Indicadores de Paz y Convivencia

Who are our Established Partners? 

Our Established Partners are businesses looking for a better way to more directly invest in social development that will make a tangible difference in communities in need and yield the greatest possible impact for their money invested.

Meet some of our Established Partners

How to become an Established Partner 

If you or your business are interested in taking the next step toward investing in highly impactful social development, please send an email to terynwolfe@fundacione2e.org.

Become a part of E2E’s esteemed network of Established Partners today!