The Chef is back

One of the main project partners is Pedro Fernandez of “The Chef is Back,” a gastronomic company that uses organic products for the production and preparation of food, seeking to contribute positively to vulnerable communities. Its role in the project, apart from guaranteeing the purchase of the products grown in the gardens at a fair and competitive price, is to support the adaptation of the gardens and to accompany community activities.


The National Vocational Training Agency (El Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje- SENA)  is a Colombian public institution aimed to develop vocational training programs for the Colombian labor force as a means to increase the competitiveness of Colombia’s enterprises. Gardeners of this project participate in the “Entrepreneur in Production and Marketing of Transient Crops” training program. The program meets weekly and has a duration of 6 months. All training programs offered by SENA are free of cost.

Interested Groups

Understanding that there are many interest groups in La Comuna 8, the following are the most relevant to the execution of the project:

  • “Cerro de los Valores” is made up of community leaders and is in charge of providing inputs, training and assistance, also providing space for community activities. They manage a community garden in the center of the neighborhood that also has a productive compost facility and recycling program.
  • The Botanical Garden is a non-profit foundation with experience in education and training in urban gardens.
  • The Colegio Vida para Todos, with 600+ square meters available for a garden and with more than 5,000 students. This school benefits many young people and their families.
  • JAC’s Community Action Boards, where community leaders congregate to pass on their experiences.

The urban and semi-urban family farms of comuna 8, which are pre-established family gardens of households who have registered and require support of the program.