Manglar de mi Corazón

Protecting Coastal Mangrove Forests, Protecting Local Livelihoods

Rincón de Mar

Sucre, Colombia

Rincón del Mar’s mangroves, a natural resource they are heavily dependent on, are deteriorating rapidly 

The death of the mangroves is destroying biodiversity, deteriorating fish stocks and reefs as well as damaging the community’s well-being

With our local partners we will restore and protect the mangroves from future degradation and implement socially focused projects that incentivize the community to conserve

Rincón del Mar is a small fishing village surrounded by coastal mangrove forests which, over the past few years, have started to degrade rapidly. The town relies heavily on the mangroves to:

Provide a breeding ground for marine species

Shield the town from natural disasters

Mitigate erosion

Store massive amounts of carbon and help process waste

Reduce the chance of algal blooms which deoxiginate the water, creating dead zones

Filter sediment which prevents further die-offs of coral reefs and sea grasses, species that are vital for local fish populations

The Problem

It is because of rapid population growth that bad habits like using mangroves for construction and as a dumpsite for trash have become a critical threat for the local habitat. Now, although the inhabitants know these actions are dangerous for the environmental and economic health of their town, there is little they can do on their own. Being isolated from public resources many locals have little choice but to use mangrove wood as fuel for cooking and construction materials as well as to invade the lagoon where the mangroves grow to make room for badly needed housing.

Aside from the environmental concerns, the pollution in the area leads to serious public health problems, including increased risk of disease and the prevalence of severe skin irritation for locals. On top of this, the trash that pollutes much of the mangroves and areas around the town provides a bad image for tourists and decreases their chances of returning.

Where will your money go?

Your money will help to:

  • Purchase and plant mangrove saplings to replenish the current mangroves that are dead or dying
  • Pay the wages of community members enforcing the environmental regulations and helping to provide the community projects that incentivize locals to be more conscious of their environmental impact
  • Provide the community projects that incentivize locals to be more conscious of their environmental impact

This will create the change which Rincón badly needs that will alter behavior to accommodate the mangroves and improve life for the town’s residents. 

Currently CARSucre is completing a hydrological restoration of the polluted lagoon that should have some positive effects on the health of the mangroves. However, in order to maintain this effect and further the project’s impact E2E will be working with Fundación MIMA and the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano to plant new mangroves. Once this is completed E2E will use the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization framework “Income for Coastal Communities for Mangrove Protection”, which has a proven track record of success, paired with increased enforcement of laws already in place that protect mangroves, to further improve the health of the mangroves and community.

As a Result We Expect the Following Benefits: 

  • Increased CO2 absorption from water entering the sea
  • Healthier coral and sea grasses, which provides habitats for fish to breed
  • Flood prevention
  • Increased tourism and economic activity
  • Reduced level of disease incidence including rashes suffered by locals


Our Partners

Fundación MIMA

The MIMA foundation is an organization dedicated to the development of sustainable communities and the responsible management of the environment. By working with strategic partners, both public and private, MIMA creates projects that improve quality of life in the regions that need it most in Colombia.


CARSUCRE works as the environmental authority in the state of Sucre, Colombia working to recuperate, conserve, protect, manage and take advantage of natural renewable resources through policy, programs and projects in partnership with various local actors. Their goal is to contribute to the sustainable development of the region and so contribute to the quality of life of its citizens.

Pelagic Data Systems is a company based in San Francisco, California that provides data solutions for fisheries around the world.

How can you help?

Help Rincón del Mar save its mangroves

Your donation will help the community to manage its natural resources in a responsible manner and ensure that the situation of Rinconmarenses improves

If you would like to learn more, contact us!