E2E is
bridging the Gap.  

We create and utilize mutually beneficial partnerships between local non-profits and businesses that solve pressing social and environmental issues with impact measurement methodologies, organizational capacity building and financing schemes to promote sustainable development and maximize impact.

How does E2E work?

E2E works with communities to identify pressing problems

E2E analyses, designs and creates high impact solutions

E2E allows you to invest directly in these sustainable solutions

E2E also runs workshops for professionals, students and community leaders on the design and social impact management of community development projects 

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Our Featured Projects

Manglar de mi Corazón

Huertas Urbanas

Indicadores de Paz y Convivencia

Payment for protection of critical mangrove habitat and community development on the Caribbean Coast – Rincón del Mar, Sucre, Colombia

Creating economic opportunities, food security and social impact, Medellin, Colombia

Creating initiatives for individuals and their immediate communities through Peacebuilding measurement – Medellín, Colombia

TGIS – The Workshop for Social Impact Management

TGIS is an 5-day intensive training program that caters towards both working professionals and students to improve social impact measurement and development project planning skills.

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You are looking for a better way to invest in more meaningful change, make a difference,  and get the highest social return for your money invested. We know just what you need.

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Find out how E2E can help you meet needs and make meaningful changes in your community.


For Non-Profits
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You are looking to improve your services, projects, make a more meaningful impact and build the skills of your team. You may also be looking to connect with local organizations in Colombia. Let us help you.

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